About Us

Legacy Insurance Services LLC was opened by a team of experienced Insurance Professionals with the goal of providing unapparelled insurance coverage and service. It can be challenging to navigate the wide open space called Insurance. Our talented team shares a tireless work ethic to find solutions for your insurance needs. With over 100 years experience we are here ready to protect what you have built. 

Legacy Team Members

Chad Vacek

President / Agent
[email protected]
Direct: 402-807-0735

Steve Matthews

Vice President / Agent
[email protected]

Tammy Darr

[email protected]
Direct: 402-807-0736

Tayna Rezac

Commercial Servicing Agent
[email protected]
Direct: 402-807-0781

Jeannie Samuels

Commercial Servicing Agent
[email protected]
Direct: 402-807-0738

Shannon Hradsky

Personal Servicing Agent
[email protected]
Direct: 402-807-0739

Henk deBoer

Benefits Agent
  [email protected] Direct: 402-807-0737